Judith Myerson LCSW

Certified Dyadic Developmental

93 Brookside Avenue
Chester, NY 10918
P. 845-469-5065
F. 845-469-8318
E. jmyerson@hvfamilyattachments.org

Judith is an LCSW with over 25 years experience and post graduate focus in trauma and adoption. For the last 15 years, Judith has been working with adoptive families, especially those with children with Developmental Trauma Disorder (complex PTSD), secondary to neglect, abuse, foster and orphanage care. Judith trained with Dan Hughes, PhD, am a Certified Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapist, and a Certified Attachment Focused Family Therapist. She has training in Theraplay, an attachment based form of play therapy. She is am also a former Coordinator of a NYS OCFS Post Adoption Services grant, and a parent of 3 children; 2 adopted; 1 at age 9. The Adoptive Families article, “What We Wish We Had Known”, written in 2001 and reprinted in edited version 2014, documents this experience. Most of my practice is with Adoptive families using DDP/Attachment Focused Family Therapy. She also may incorporate Theraplay activities, especially with younger children. She works with very young children through late adolescence and beyond. Many of the adoptees she works with have both attachment and regulation issues and/or FASD. A major focus is guiding and supporting parents in Attachment Focused Parenting and helping parents through their difficulties. She also works with adolescent and young adult adoptees individually. Judith is a Mindfulness practitioner, and often include Mindfulness in my work with parents, children and families.



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