The Adoptive Parents Committee holds it’s 36 conference for those considering adoption, adoptive families and professionals. The full day includes over 100 workshops (selected CEU sessions) and an extensive exhibit hall.

The 36th Annual Adoption Conference will be held on Sunday, Nov. 20, at St. Francis College in Brooklyn

APC’s annual conference serves to promote a better awareness and understanding of adoption and provide members with accurate information concerning adoption and parenting issues. Conference participants will have the opportunity to attend numerous workshops, seminars, lectures and panel discussions. Led by professionals and experts in the adoption field including attorneys, social workers, physicians, adoptive parents, agency representatives, adoptees and educators, the workshops provide up-to-date information as well as a forum for discussions.

Our conference is for those who are considering adoption as a way to build their family, those who have already adopted and for those professionals and advocates who are involved in the adoption and foster care fields.

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